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About Me

Hi, I'm Kara. After spending the first twenty-two years of my life living in Minnesota, I moved the to East Coast. My boyfriend, Keith, and I spent two and a half years in a long distance relationship. After finishing college, we decided to close the gap. I moved to New Jersey in January 2013!

I graduated in August 2012 from the University of Minnesota with Bachelors degrees in Art and Sociology. I tried a semester of graduate school, but the marriage and family therapy program wasn't a great fit... so I'm trying to figure out what to do next! I love cooking great meals, sleeping in, being crafty, and going thrifting. I'd love to get to know you over a chai latte, but since this is the Internet feel free to send me an email or check out my contact page to find all the ways to stay in touch.

About this blog:

This lifestyle blog follows me as I begin my new life on the East Coast. While I share plenty of  personal anecdotes, I also love to blog about my other interests! I love cooking and tend to improv my meals; I'm getting better and better about taking pictures and writing them down so that I can share my recipes. I also love making things. As an artist, I'm naturally inclined to create and as a frugal person, I tend to lean towards making useful things and extending the life of things that I've already loved. Check out my page of DIY tutorials to see what I've been working on.

All in all, a North Star in an Eastern Sky is about me, a Minnesotan living far away from home for the first time, and the things that I love.
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