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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Late Valentine's in the City

As I mentioned in my last post, Keith and I both had the day off yesterday and used that opportunity to celebrate Valentine's day, since I had school on Thursday evening. We let ourselves have a very low-key day. We slept in then made ourselves a massive breakfast of banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. We lounged around for awhile watching Parks and Rec before finally getting ready and leaving the apartment.

Central park holds a soft spot in our hearts. It was one of the first places that we went two years ago when we visited NYC together for spring break. I especially appreciate it now because there's trees and open space, which I so desperately yearn for. We spent a few hours walking around the park, people watching and taking in the sun and pretending that we weren't in a huge city. Once we were chilled to our bones and our feet were sore, we stopped in a McDonald's on our way home to split some fries and a shamrock shake.

When we got home, we caught up with Parks and Rec and made a taco salad for dinner. Low-key and easy, our day, but that's totally us and the best way to spend time together.

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