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Monday, February 11, 2013

Lazy Weekend

Don't you hate waking up late? It makes my entire day feel off, especially on days that I have to go to school. Keith and I used the snow as an excuse and had a very lazy weekend.

  • We've been frequenting a local coffee shop for a treat to ourselves. Their dirty chai is amazing. We were heading to the grocery store after and coffee beans were on our list, so we decided to pick up a pound at the shop instead. The coffee is great, affordable, and local (even the beans are locally roasted).
  • We experimented with breakfast foods and made mini quiches. We cracked three eggs, mixed in a bunch of chopped veggies, bacon crumbles, and some steamed spinach, the poured them into muffin tins (use lots of nonstick spray!). Baked at 375F for 20 minutes and voila! We ate them with salsa. Next time, we'll probably just serve the bacon on the side instead. I wish I had made more, they'd be really easy to pack as a school snack.
  • We tried playing board games, but it can be pretty difficult to do with only us. Both Catchprhase and Pictionary were busts. Do you have any board games for pairs?
  • I've been experimenting with green smoothie recipes. I'm bad at eating green, leafy vegetables, so smoothies are a great alternative for me. I usually drink a spinach, mango, pineapple smoothie, but wanted to try something different and switch up my greens. I used kale, cilantro, granny smith apple, and ginger but didn't really like it. I added some pineapple to it today and its better, but not great.
Just a little weekend update! Otherwise, I worked on homework, Keith and I filmed a video for my abnormal psychology class, and we watched a few movies. Lazy weekend, indeed.

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