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Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF: March 15, 2013

After having Keith's family in town last weekend, I was so glad that it was spring break so I could relax and catch up on sleep! I spent my time cooking, crafting, brainstorming, and filling out job applications. My mom came on Wednesday, so we're having a great time exploring and catching up. I'll be sure to share pictures next week.

Here's my favorite digital finds from this week:

image via

Digital DIY of the Week: chalkboard tutorial from Molly Jacques.

This is the perfect mix of low-tech and high-tech. I love that the letters are hand drawn. Definitely using this technique for future digital invitations -- wouldn't they be great for a birth announcement or a save the date? Neither of which are happening in my immediate future, don't worry, but I love saving ideas.

image via

Recipe of the Week: Spicy Roasted Chickpeas on Brewed Together

I've made a similar recipe in the past that involved frying the chickpeas in oil; I could never get the timing quite right so they were always over- or under-cooked. This baked version seems much more fool proof!

Decor of the Week: Honeycomb Shelves on A Beautiful Mess

I LOVE this shelving unit. It fills up space really well, while adding decor and interest in a much more pleasing way than traditional shelves. I love how it really showcases whatever is on each honeycomb.

Pin of the Week: Citrus Peel Starter from My Roman Apartment via Sue Klingenberg

So smart and so simple!

This is not a sponsored post, just sharing things I like that I think you might like! Photos above are either my own or credited to their original source. Please remember when sharing images (via Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) to retain their original source (not this one!) Bloggers, if your image has been used in this post and you would like it removed, send me an email or leave a comment -- I'm happy to remove it!

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