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Friday, November 23, 2012

On Gratitude

Simply, I am so lucky. Its taken too long to be able to sit and write this post, because each time I tried to write it, I became overwhelmed with how much good is in my life:

I have a wonderful partner that loves me and supports me. He accepts every part of me. We're a team, as we support each other and continue to learn about the other's needs and wants, and we're growing together.

I have a strong family that is constantly supportive of each other. My mom is someone that I can always trust for advice; I love going out for a beer after long work days and catching up with her. My brother is quiet and always observing, and I've always admired his hard work-ethic and dedication to challenging himself.

My wonderful friends, that I can always count on for a laugh, for advice, sharing a meal. They always share my joys and sorrows.

My job has exceeded all expectations. I've only been there for 8 months, and it already feels like home. I have sweet, kind coworkers and a supportive boss. My thoughts are always respected and I love that work rarely feels like work.

I'm constantly amazed by how many wonderful and amazing people I'm surrounded with. I'm incredibly lucky and grateful.

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