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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unpacking a Life

My pod full of belongings arrived on Wednesday, which was quickly unpacked and boxes moved into our apartment. I have to admit, it was possibly the easiest way to move my things across the country -- highly recommended.

Our apartment currently feels somewhere in-between: between his and mine, between packed and unpacked. Boxes are half-unpacked, clothes are neatly folded in piles on the floor, pictures not yet on walls. Still, elements of me are scattered throughout: my books on shelves and ceramic measuring cups on display.

I've been trying to write up daily To Do lists to keep me focused. Yesterday I bought my textbooks and tried to apply to a job (which is probably a Craigslist scam). Today I'm hoping to finish putting away all of my clothes, to organize hangings, to buy my student rail pass, figure out zipcar, and apply to a job (one job a day..... means I'll get hired soon?). Tis the life.

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