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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Last Friday, Keith and I met some friends in the city for dinner and drinks. We met them at a bar, then walked through Times Square to the restaurant. As our friends are New Yorkers, I was trying very hard to act like walking through Times Square was no big deal, but I'll tell you the truth -- its a big deal! Relating back to a recent post, maybe I'll finally feel like I live here when going to the city and walking through Times Square doesn't feel like a big deal. The PATH -- a subway system connecting northern NJ and NYC -- still has limited hours due to Sandy and doesn't run all night, and we had missed the last train out of the city to Hoboken, yikes! We would've had to wait until 7:30a to get home. Luckily, there was a train running to Secaucus nearby (although the cab ride from Secaucus to home was $35). Lessons learned that night: 1) check the train schedule before leaving and 2) carry cash.

Otherwise, we had a very lazy weekend. We did some things around the apartment like hanging wall art, putting up curtains, and building our bed frame. Otherwise, we mostly hung out at the apartment watching football and baking cookies (I'm sure you can guess who did what). We did take a nice walk to Target. On the map it looks so far away, but Keith convinced me that we should try walking there. I'm glad we did; its less than a mile away.

(dear readers, I'm sorry that I'm such a bad blogger and never take pictures. I promise I'll change.)

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