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Friday, February 15, 2013

Finishing What You Start: I'm Done Unpacking

I moved to New Jersey aboouuuut a month ago. My family and I did most of the unpacking as soon as my belongings arrived. My clothes, books, furniture, and cooking utensils were unpacked within a matter of days. But, if you look at the background of our living room, you'd find boxes.

Starting is easy. Brainstorming, sketching out plans (literally and figuratively), starting is fun and exciting. But, its difficult to finish. I usually get 80% done with any given project before I get busy, become uninterested, etc. and I move onto something new.

My crafting supplies, my easel, heavy winter coats, and my sewing machine stayed boxed up. For whatever reason (lack of time, money for fabric, creative energy, etc.), I haven't used these things since moving... thus, they stayed boxed up. And, I moved onto other things. Dreaming about decorations, for example.

Today, I finished unpacking. There's a stack of boxes by the door to prove it.

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