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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart Pancakes

It's Valentine's day! The day that people seem to either vehemently despise or look forward to for months. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I really dislike the way in which our culture has normalized Valentines Day. I dislike the expectation of a dozen roses, a fancy dinner, and an expensive gift just to prove your affection for someone. I feel like the spirit of Valentine's is to remind those around you of how much you care, in a way that feels authentic to you and your relationship.

I think that Valentine's day is a day to celebrate all the love in your live, romantic or otherwise. That's why I made Valentine's for my friends a few days ago. Like Father's Day or Mother's Day, Valentine's should be a day for reflecting on important relationships in your life.

Keith and I will celebrate this weekend by spending a day together, I'll be at school late tonight. This is the first Valentine's day of our relationship that we've been in the same place! So, we'll celebrate by being together. Although, I couldn't resist making heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast or leaving a heart-shaped Valentine for him to find after work tonight. That's authentically us.

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