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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Year of Short Hair

First, I want to thank Molly and Carly for featuring my 3D star DIY in this weeks roundup of YOLOMonday posts. Its such an honor to be featured!! Check out the post here and DO check out some of the other featured posts. 

Its so strange how quickly time passes without even realizing it! I was looking through my Facebook timeline the other day when I realized that its been over a year since I cut my hair short. I never imagined that I would keep it short for a full year either (I've always been a long-haired lady).

March 2012: hours before the big chop!

Honestly, its hard to imagine going back to it. I used to spend 45 minutes just blow-drying my hair! Now I can blow-dry it and run a curling iron through chunks for messy waves (and do my makeup) in about half an hour. There were definitely some ups and downs along the way, though.
March 2012: hours after the big chop

When I first made the chop, I had a asymmetrical style. SO cute, but very high maintenance. A few months after that, I decided to cut it even shorter to even out the sides. I really didn't like having such short hair and totally admire ladies that rock it.

July 2012

Its definitely grown out since then and stays around chin length. And I absolutely love it. After years of growing it so long, then cutting it short, then growing it out again, I finally feel me in my hair. Honestly, I NEVER thought I'd say that. Ever take a risk in your appearance that ended up being a total win?

February 2013 (sassy face)
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