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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Education

This weekend was full of learning experiences, that frankly could probably be written up as long-wordy posts individually. But, I think I'll just put them all here for now, short & sweet style.
  • Hoboken is really into St. Patrick's Day. 
 So into it, in fact, that they created a second one. Saturday was the Lepre-con Pub Crawl. We're still pretty new to the area, so we didn't find out about it until Friday night. So, we didn't participate in the Official crawl, but we did invite some friends over to walk around, people-watch, and go to a bar.

  • I am really glad that I'm not in college anymore.
Overwhelmingly, I felt like the pub crawl turned our cool, urban suburb into a college-town. The bars were packed, the drinks were over-priced and under-sized, and there were passed out bros on the side of the street. I realized that I'm so OVER all of that. I was never a huge partier in college, but I do enjoy going out and getting drinks with friends. I learned that I'm really happy to be in a post-college environment that's more relaxed (most of the time).
  • Johnny Rockets sells apple pie topped with cheddar cheese
And, if you are nice enough to your waiter, he will give your table a slice, free of charge. (Review: less gross that I expected, but plain apple pie is much better).

How was your weekend? Any mind-boggling revelations?


  1. i wish there was a photo of the "before" plate.. b/c judging by the empty plate i can tell it was delish! thanks for stopping by my page! xoxo

    1. I know! I was lucky to grab this guy off of a friend's facebook page. Really need to get better/more comfortable about pulling out my camera!


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