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Friday, April 5, 2013

TGIF: April 5, 2013

Yesterday I realized that I have just a little over a month until I'm done with the semester (& school for the foreseeable future)! I was really struggling; I really hated going to school and it felt like a huge waste of time, especially since I've decided not to finish this program and to pursue a different career track. Now there's a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm off to Philadelphia for the weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday, but before I jet off here's a few things I loved this week:

1. We picked up some early strawberries from the grocery store last weekend. Strawberries have been one of my favorite foods since childhood and I love that they taste like summer. We've been slicing them and eating them with Greek Gods Honey yogurt.... Seriously recommended! The yogurt is so thick, creamy, and sweet it tastes like you're eating strawberries and cream. Could pass as dessert! We made this awesome spread for Easter morning brunch.

2. I spruced up my desk after our most recent apartment rearrange and framed this fortune that I've had in my wallet for months. It's so inspirational and I love looking at it while I'm getting work done.

3. I received some of the fabric I ordered this week. I have some big plans for these babies and I'm pretty excited to get to work on them.

4. One thing that the East Coast definitely has going for them is the prevalence of street food. I LOVE this stuff. It doesn't photograph well, but man it tastes great. After my first trip to NYC back in 2011, I had literal cravings for this stuff when I went home. Keith and I grabbed some for dinner one night this week.

5. I've been listening to this playlist on repeat the last few days. It feels like spring.

What have you guys been doing this week? Awesome plans for the weekend?

Linking up with Lauren at FMGD for High Five for Friday

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