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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wide Open Spaces

Blogkeeping: In the interest of creating a more authentic and personal space, I've decided to reign in the number of posts I make per week. I love creating content for North Star in an Eastern Sky, but I really want this blog to be more representative of the life I'm living. To me, this means fewer posts but (hopefully) of a higher caliber: more stories, more personality, more passion. 

Keith and I have been throwing around the idea of trying to get a bigger apartment when this lease ends over the summer. We felt cramped and like we were constantly on top of each other. Maybe it was Spring or just claustrophobia, but on Saturday I had had enough. We spent hours cleaning and, when it was all said and done, the apartment still felt cluttered. So, spur of the moment, we rearranged furniture.

After months of climbing around furniture, it is such a joy to walk straight across a room. Light pours in through our windows in the morning feeling ethereal. We joke that we actually have room to workout now.

Home is such an important space to me. I'm always attached to the place that I'm living and its important to me to make it feel like home. Maybe that's why I've written so many more posts about this apartment than about anything else, really. Over the years, I've really learned how the place where you live can affect your sense of self. Living with disagreeable roommates, dirty apartments, mice, etc. can really put a damper on your spirit and drag your energy down, down. Giving us room to breathe has made such a difference in the energy of this apartment. Its becoming more and more a place where I enjoy spending time, feel creative and energized.

Something now about it feels right. The wall above the couch is hopelessly bare, the air conditioner might have to be moved, and now we need a rug for our floors but now I'm happy every time I walk through the door. That's the most lovely feeling.

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  1. You apartment is so cute! I would say it's pretty spacious, too!


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