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Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Scenes: High Line Park

Keith and I both had Sunday off, so we went over to Manhattan to visit the High Line park. This park is constructed on an abandoned high rise train track, and it is beautiful. I love the unique way of reusing this space and that it brings some lovely green space to the Chelsea neighborhood. Something that I really love about New York City is how much they prioritize green space in this urban area. In Minnesota, I believe that it can be easy to take nature and greenery for granted because they are so abundant. On the East Coast, you really have to go out in search of these oases. I'm grateful that the city has made parks a priority; an afternoon in a park is wonderful for clearing your head and soaking up the sun. We walked up and down (the park is only a mile long), talked and laughed, and took in the views of the city and art installations.

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