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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coffee Chat

Let's chat over a cup of coffee like good friends do. Seriously, pour yourself a cup, I'll wait.

My semester of graduate school is over. OVER! I'm leaving my icky job. I can only describe myself as feeling utterly refreshed and joyful, the way you only can when you feel all the negative energy pouring out of your life. I'm finally starting to feel creative, inspired, and I find myself dreaming again: about my future, what I want from life.

These last few months have been really hard, but not in the ways that I thought they would be. I've been in New Jersey for about five months. Before I left, if you had asked me what I would struggle with for my first half a year away from home I would have guessed it would be homesickness and loneliness, mostly. Instead, I've found myself really happy living here. While I do experience waves of homesickness, it's not as overbearing as I had anticipated. And, while I do wish that I could have this coffee chat in person with a good friend, I don't find myself burdened with loneliness either. Instead, I find that I struggled with maintaining creativity and with unhappiness in my daily activities (and, let's be totally real -- with finances).

I've had several phone calls with friends wherein I complain and complain about my job and about school. Then, I'd follow with, "This gives you the impression that I'm unhappy here. I'm not! I'm really, really happy in spite of these things." That's the ultimate truth. But, now that I'm coming out of these situations I'm renewed in the deepest ways. I'm Excited about life. I'm Excited to go to work. I'm Excited to spend my free time brainstorming and creating. With this change of seasons comes a change in life... and I couldn't be happier.

Dear friend, what's on your mind?

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