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Friday, May 17, 2013

TGIF: May 17, 2013

This week I:
  • finished the semester! And, since I'm not finishing this program... I finished school!
  • Two of my three classes have already put final grades up. Right now I'm sitting with an A and a A-. I should be proud, but I know that I've never put so little effort into school (proof that it wasn't a challenging enough program for me/good fit)
  • I've finally pulled out my sketchbook again. After months of drooling over beautiful handlettering, I finally realized that I can learn how to do that!
  • I'm trying to decide what to do next: more school, full time job, another part time job, etsy shop owner? I'm trying to take it slower this time, instead of rushing from one plan to another. Figure out what I really want. 
  • I love my new job! It feels so much like the job that I left in Minnesota, so it's a perfect fit. I feel like I know my way around and totally comfortable. 
  • Come Wednesday I'll be in Minnesota! My first visit home since moving out here in January. I'm thrilled to see my family, friends, take in the beautiful sights, AND to drive. 
I've really just been taking it easy since school ended. I'm still working, a lot, but I'm spending my free time on things that make me happy and feel fulfilled.

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