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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

I worked all weekend. Actually, today is my first day off in a week! Since I'm phasing out my old job and getting started at the new one, I've had a pretty full schedule. I'll be honest, usually after working a closing shift (where I get home at 10:17p), all I can do is come home, have a beer, and catch up on the most recent Doctor Who. 

So, I have to admit, that I feel like I'm slacking here on the blog. I haven't really had quality Scenes From the Weekend or TGIF posts in a few weeks. Between finishing the school semester, being sick, lots of rainy weather, and now work I haven't really being doing things worth photographing or even mentioning. How many pictures of your coffee table can you take?

These ebbs and flows in daily life happen. Activity lulls happen. Real Life gets boring sometimes. And, that's totally okay! But, the blogosphere makes me feel really guilty about that. It makes me feel like I have to explain an absence. It also makes me feel like I have to put out low-quality content just to be putting out content. That's a bummer! 

Last week, I wrote about changes in the air. That the energy around me was becoming more positive. That's still true. I'm going home on Wednesday and will be in MN for a week. I'll be busy seeing family, and friends, and eating Minnesota food, and visiting Minnesota sights. When I come home, I'll only be working ONE job, one that I love. I'm going to have more free time to cook and craft. I'm also intending to open a shop within the next few months on Society6 to sell fine art prints. So bear with me. It's just the calm before the storm.

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