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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creative Dates: How to Date Your Person

Keith and I have been together for quite awhile (it'll be three years this July!!) But, even after all this we're pretty bad about thinking of creative dates. Since we were long-distance for two and a half years of our relationship, we had to be very creative about maintaining our relationship when we were apart. When we were together things were easy! Staying home and watching Netflix was exciting because doing anything together was exciting. Now that we're in the same place, we're realizing that we're in a bit of a rut. So, I've brainstormed a bunch of creative dates for when we're tempted to eat pizza and watch TV again.

  • Stay in and have a nice dinner. Turn off most of the lights for ambiance, turn off the tv, and sit at the dinner table instead of the couch.
  • Peruse a used bookstore. Find an interesting cookbook, pick out a new recipe to try, pick up the ingredients, and learn to cook it together.
  • Have a scavenger hunt in a thrift store.
  • Go out for a beer. Sit outside if you can.

Sitting outside and having drinks can be a simple change of pace from sitting at home
  • Visit a local farmer's market.
  • ... pick up some local fruits, some cheese, and a fresh loaf of bread and make it a picnic.
  • Head to a local coffee shop to sip on hot drinks, share a scone, and read a book. Sit next to each other on a couch and touch knees. 
  • Cook dinner together. 
  • Go camping. Spend your day getting sunburnt while hiking and swimming and your evening roasting marshmallows and stargazing. Turn off your cell phones.
  • Be a tourist in your town. Visit the tourist traps, take cheesy photos, and eat at the local favorites.
Carlo's Bakery from TLC's Cake Boss is in our neighborhood.
  • Have a board game night. Make a bet to make it more competitive.
  • Go for a run. Some of our best conversations happen when we're exercising together.
  • Tour a local brewery. Often the tours are free and come with free beer tasting
Creative Dates
We toured the Summit Brewery in Minnesota and had a great time
  • Go out for dessert and wine. Sample the others plate often.
  • Try someplace new. A new restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. A fresh atmosphere makes the evening feel more exciting.
  • Take a walk. Just getting into the fresh air can provide a nice change of pace. Hold hands.
  • Travel to an unfamiliar neighborhood nearby. Walk around and talk about the beautiful or interesting houses.
  • Go out for breakfast before work (or brunch on a weekend.) Eat pancakes and fresh fruit and talk about your plans for the day.
Keith and I walked around High Line park for a change of scenery
I tried to keep these ideas pretty low cost because I'm on a tight budget (who isn't?) How do you date your significant other?

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