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Friday, May 24, 2013

TGIF: Minnesota Edition!!

It's a little weird being home after being away for a few months. It's interesting noting all the ways that things have stayed the same and all the ways that things have changed. And, I'm driving again! I haven't driven since January! I keep taking weird wrong turns. But, it's so great being among familiar faces and my favorite places (I've been cuddling with my dog SO much). I finally got a haircut, I've started seeing friends (and have more to see) and will be seeing a lot of family over the weekend.

My friend Jenna and I got lunch Thursday afternoon, then spent the afternoon walking up and down historic Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Absolutely gorgeous mansions! 

from the top down: the governor's mansion, F. Scott Fitzgerald's house, the J.J. Hill house & it's interiors

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!!

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