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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

It's exactly a week until my birthday, so allow me to be a little materialistic here. Being underemployed means that I've had lots of time to daydream about the things I would buy if I had a full-time income. Here's what I'd treat myself to for my birthday, if I could.

I'd complete my Harry Potter DVD collection and grab up Season 3 of Downton Abbey. I'd also pick up my favorite board game, Settlers of Catan, picturing our future nerdy stay-in nights playing games and watching Harry Potter. 

My splurge would be a new laptop. I've had my MacBook since 2008 (but I got it refurbished, so it's actually from 2006!!) and it's starting to act like a crabby, old person. You want to have multiple tabs open? Okay, but then I won't load videos. You want to use gmail? Okay, but suffer through several minutes of little swirling rainbow disc of doom first.

Lastly, I'd make some wardrobe additions. I'd love to add some simple shifts and shirtdresses to closet: they're perfect for summer heat and would pull double-duty between work and downtime with the addition of a blazer. Also, I'd love a nude flat to complete the looks.

Anyone else daydream about gifts you'd give yourself, if only you could afford them? Please say I'm not the only one.

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