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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dads and Daughters

 I always think that better times will come and the problems of the day will pass, and perhaps new ones will replace them, but they will pass.

Be comforted Kara, life is not perfect and never will be, but it is always worth the journey.
I was so lucky to be abnormally close with my dad. Lucky, because he was an incredibly sweet, smart, funny man that cared deeply about the people around him. Lucky, because he shaped me in so many large and small, indescribable ways. He sent these words to me in an email many years ago when I was going through a rough patch. These words still comfort in times of hardship, but they also remind me of the man that always knew his daughter best.

Grief is a funny thing. People who haven't been through it assume that there's a mourning period and then it's over. But, the reality is that it comes in waves. Some days it is so strong that it cripples you, bringing you to your knees. Other days it's a mere murmur in the back of your heart. The missing never stops though. I miss you every day, Dad.

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