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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy


These are pictures from Hoboken, NJ taken over the past few days. This is where my boyfriend is. He has been without power since Sunday evening, unable to charge his phone or laptop. His phone also isn't receiving incoming incoming phone calls or text messages. His phone is only sporadically able to call out as well; he's called me once and his parents twice.

Source: ABC News
 Thankfully, we know that he is safe. We know that he is planning to go to a friend's house further in-state as soon as it is safe to be outside. I'm grateful that he was well prepared with lots of food and water, that he is safe, that neither he nor his possessions have suffered any damages. Even in his situation, he is luckier than so many others and my heart goes out to them.

Source: CBS local
 This experience has been so revealing, in that I've spent so much time reflecting on our relationship and how important Keith is to my life. I am so sad that he is going through this experience alone, and I wish that I could be a shoulder to lean on. It hurts that I am safe, warm, and comfortable while he is going through unimaginable experiences. Without being able to contact him, I realize how much of my day he is a part of; I actually feel lonely being unable to communicate with him. I miss him, I'm worried about him, and I hope that he can get to a better place soon.

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