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Sunday, November 11, 2012

MN Bucket List: Minnehaha Falls

Finally a beautiful autumn day fell on one of my days off, so I decided to jump on the opportunity to cross an item off of my Minnesota Bucket List. My dog and I were off to Minnehaha Falls. Unfortunately, we've been low on rainfall here in Minnesota, so the falls were pretty sparse. Regardless, its still a great place to walk around.

 Minnehaha Falls has been one of my favorite places for a long time. My dad and I used to go on photo adventures there when I was young, my friends and I took our senior prom photos in front of the falls, and its been a great place for friends and I to go to when we need some quiet time with nature. While it is beautiful in the summer and spring, when its vibrant green and flowers blooming, this is my favorite time of year to visit. I love the fallen leaves, bare branches, and red-brown tones. Also, its not nearly as busy and it feels like there's more space to breathe.

When Minnesota was being settled, the falls were too small to have economic value compared to St. Anthony Falls in the Mississippi, so they largely remained a tourist destination. Minnehaha park is currently a Minneapolis city park. The upper level is maintained, like any other city park, whereas the lower level (where all of these pictures are from) is left in a more natural state. (Source)

For good measure, here's a picture of my mom's pup, Bailey. If only I could take her to New Jersey too.

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