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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Apartment Therapy

I really like our apartment. As more of my things have been unpacked and as Keith and I have done more projects and brainstorming together, it really is beginning to feel like it is ours. Since we'll be here for at least the next six months (and probably longer, I really dread the idea of moving again so soon) I've let my brain get creative with the plans for our little apartment. Here's what I'd like to see done in our place:

Kitchen/Dining: our space for this very small. We have almost zero counter space!
  • Reorganize and make better use of our (limited) cabinet space to free up the counters!
  • Add more posters to our beer collage and frame them all
  • Make seat cushions, hanging hand towels, and curtains
  • Eventually, I'd like to put a windowsill herb garden in. 

Living Room: We have a lot of black furniture that needs to get broken up. I'd also like to set up a crafting corner by unpacking my easel and sewing machine. This is also the only space in our apartment that doesn't have wall art.
  • Make table cloths for the coffee tables and curtains.
  • Set up craft corner and rearrange furniture as necessary
  • Put up shelf (??) above TV and decide upon things to hang behind the couch.

Bedroom: Our bedroom is pretty much done, except for smaller things. I love to read in bed, but there's no way to set up our bed so that its against the wall to lean against, so we're in need of a headboard. I'm using a step-ladder as a nighstand now, so I want to replace that as well. Easy.
  •  Make a headboard.
  • Get a nightstand.

Bathroom: no work needed!

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