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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beer Cut-out Hanging DIY

The other day I made a quick cardboard cut-out of a beer bottle for our mini beer-themed gallery wall. Unfortunately, when we put the prints up there was an awkward gap in the bottom row.  I love the graphic prints that are kitchen-related, but also reminds us that we're young. Fortunately I've been saving thin cardboard boxes for another wall DIY (coming soon) and was inspired to make this quick beer cut out. Instructions on the next page...

I grabbed a bottle that we had in recycling, laid it down, and traced around it with a pencil. I'd recommend taping it down as the bottle tends to roll. I used a thin cardboard, like a cereal box.  Then, I pulled up the bottle and fixed up the border, making sure that it looked even on both sides. Then, I cut it out and began to trace my design onto the bottle.

I was inspired by Summit EPA, which is one of my favorite beers and is locally brewed in MN.... which unfortunately means its down-right impossible to buy here in NJ. So, I experimented with sizes and designs until I felt it looked pretty good. I decided to leave out the lettering because the space was already filling up.

Then, simply trace around your design in black ink. Play with different thicknesses and line strokes. I added pinstripes in some sections so that the design had a mid-tone. I filled in the large black sections with a Sharpie, but if you do this then make sure to go over it with the ink you're using elsewhere in the design... no one likes blacks that don't match!

When the ink was dry, I erased the pencil sketches to reveal a clean design. I gave it a slight black border -- which really made it pop away from the wall -- then hung it up. We're using binder clips to hang most of our artwork right now, but hopefully we'll be able to start framing them soon. I think this simple piece will be really great floating in a black frame.

I'm glad to have our beer gallery wall a little more filled in, proof that small can make a big difference. We're still on the look out for a few more prints to add to our collection.

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