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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Its been interesting to readjust to the world of work and school. I finished college in August, and then I was just working part-time, then I was unemployed for a month.... now I dove right back into full-time school and part-time work. Its good to be busy, to be getting out there, but I do sorely miss my free time. So, other than working Friday and Saturday nights, here's what happened this weekend:

North Star in an Eastern Sky got another face lift. I'm still experimenting with different looks and feels for this space. And, I updated the About Me sidebar section and page with pictures! Here's an outtake that actually looks too cool to keep to myself:

My good friend Jenna, from MN, flew to Buenos Aires on Friday and had a 7+ hour layover at the Newark Airport, which is only an hour away from me. So, I hopped on a train and we grabbed some Starbucks at the baggage claim and chatted for a bit. Words can't describe how wonderful it is to see a good friend for the first time in over a month.

On a whim, I made some hot pads. I bought the heat proof lining and was planning to wait until I picked up some different fabric, but I caught inspiration and that was that. Plus, I do love this polka dot fabric that Jenna gifted me years ago.

My mom sent us some girl scout cookies and MAN, I am so glad. The cookies they sell around here have different names: Caramel deLites instead of Samoas, for example. They claim that they taste the same, but I'm not convinced. So I'm grateful to have the real deal.

Hope that everyone had a lovely weekend! Stay tuned, later today I'm posting about socializing in Minnesota versus New Jersey

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