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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Apartment Rearrange

While my mom was in town last weekend, she suggested moving my desk from our bedroom into the open corner in our living room. Well, I had a spurt of energy the other night and was itching for a change, so I went for it! And.... we're not really sure how we feel about it. Decide for yourself.

I really like how our bedroom is more open now. It really feels like someplace we can relax, instead of feeling so cramped. Now, we can lean against the wall when we read in bed, so its more comfortable. I also LOVE that its easier to open our blinds and let the light in. But, something feels a little off. It could be that we're just not used to it yet.

However, now our living room feels a little cramped. Really, there's plenty of space but it looks like its all very squeezed together. I think it would help to have the desk under the air conditioner, but no way am I staring at that while I work on homework! I also think it would help to have a small shelving system behind my craft area.... because I think the cluttered feeling most comes from that corner. Other perks, the printer is finally off of our kitchen table and in a more permanent home.

So, what do you think: is this rearrange a keeper?

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