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Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick Fix: Slippery Backpack Straps

fix slippery backpack stras

I recently bought myself a new backpack, since I'm commuting fairly far via subway and train for school I needed something larger than my previous bag. I am in love with my Hershel backpack (pro tip: from the Hershel website, shipping is $15. From, shipping is free. You're welcome) but I noticed that the straps kept slipping. So, every time I took my backpack off and then put it on again, I had to readjust the straps. Then, I remembered a quick fix that my mom used to use on my backpacks when I was younger.

fix slippery backpack straps

You'll need thread that matches the color of your straps and a sewing needle or sewing machine. Try on your bag and make sure that the strap is where you want it. Then, simply sew a line right below the strap adjuster, sewing both sides of the strap together. I used a tight stitch on my sewing machine and went over the line several times to give it more strength. It seriously took five minutes and has eliminated a small annoyance in my day. Now that I think of it, it would be a great solution for slippery bra straps as well!

What are your quick fixes that make small but impactful improvements to your day?


  1. hi! i found you on the new bloggers group on 20sb, and i love your blog! :) following!

    i've been dying for this backpack for a while. i've been using one that i got for $10 that doesn't completely close anymore for three years now! thanks for the tip on the straps and the shipping if i finally decide to go for it, ha.

    a sowing season.

    1. Hi Katie, thanks! Honestly, replacing my old backpack has made my life so much better! It holds more things, sits better on my shoulders, and generally makes my commute much happier. Getting a new bag is definitely worth it, if you ask me :)

      I'll go check out your blog now!


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