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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monthly Check-in: February 2013

Another month has passed and time seems to fly (maybe just because February is such a short little month!) We had our friend Tanvir visit from Toronto to hang out, see the city, and watch the superbowl. I felt my energy surge as this space, this blog, inspired me to use my free time creatively in making crafts and meals. In turn, I feel myself becoming more invested in this life here, coming to terms with it being my real life. I started working more hours and miss the sacrifice of my free time. I set financial goals and set a budget.

Last month, my goals were to:
  • be better about documenting my day to day life here by taking more photos
  • put up curtains in our apartment
  • complete one sewing project
  • try using to get out and about and to meet new people

I feel that I was fairly unsuccessful at documenting my daily life via pictures, however, I succeeded in writing more about my day to day experiences and reflecting upon them in this space. This manifested into Weekend Updates and many of my cooking posts, because cooking is what I did many days! We haven't put up curtains, but we'll be doing that this weekend so I'm considering it a success. I completed two sewing projects: my DIY denim and the hot pads that I whipped up one weekend. I didn't try I surfed the site for groups and none seemed to catch my fancy. However, I have been meeting more people through school and work, so I'm not feeling too torn up about missing that goal.

So, here's my goals for March:
  • An apartment project: I'd like to sew either the table cloths for the coffee tables or the seat cushions
  • Take more pictures!
  • Try a new restaurant in Hoboken
  • Visit the Ground Zero memorial, which is also on my East Coast Dream List
  • Exercise twice a week 
  • Edited to add: stick to my budget!

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