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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monthly Check-in: January 2013

Its hard to believe that we're already a month into 2013-- I'm still writing 2012 on everything! Its been a surreal month. I packed up my whole life and moved to New Jersey. I unpacked, settled in, and got comfortable in our apartment. I spent a lot of time watching 90s hit TV shows (like Boy Meets World and Friends) while job hunting; luckily I found a position after just a few weeks of searching. While being here, I've been working on addressing my eating habits and trying to eat really well. We've started making daily and weekly routines. And, I started my graduate program just last week.

While unwritten, my goals for January were: find a job, get settled in this life. Both feel successful.

In February, I'd like to:
  • be better about documenting my day to day life here by taking more photos
  • put up curtains in our apartment
  • complete one sewing project
  • try using to get out and about and to meet new people

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