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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Monthly Check In: April 2013

NYC view from High Line Park

While setting monthly goals is a fun way to look forward, I've been feeling like it doesn't really work. So, I'm switching up our Monthly Check In by focusing more on what has happened this month.

April, off the blog:

I feel like I've been saying it all month, but it seems like all I do is work and school. We're nearing the end of the semester (!!!) so my homework level has ramped up considerably. Each day I'm more and more sure leaving this program is the right choice for me. I'm still searching for full-time work and additional part-time work.

This month I've been really into practicing yoga, which I might have mentioned a few times. I love that allows me to really tune into my body and calms my stress levels. I can see improvement in my poses on a weekly basis! This form of exercise makes me love and accept my body more and more, which is really wonderful.

Keith and I bought tickets to MN! We're visiting the last week of May. This will be my first time going home since moving out here and I'm pretty excited! It will be great to catch up with friends, see family, visit my favorite places, and drive a car.

Lastly, our dear friends in MN had their baby this month! We're so excited for them and can't wait to meet their little girl. Times like this are when it's really hard to live so far away; I feel like I'm missing a major life moment! 

On our way to Philadelphia

April, on the blog:

Early this month I decided to slow down on my posting. I'm not paid to blog and I was really overwhelmed by posting six times a week! So, I've slowed down, posting three to four times a week and have tried to focus on making those posts quality content. Onto the posts, just in case you missed one:
How was your April? Leave me one high of the month and one low in the comments!

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