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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Planning the Move

Can you believe that it is already December? I'm less than a month away from moving day, time is flying! In my post about Practical Concerns, I wrote that I was having trouble figuring out how to actually do the cross-country move. I'm lucky that my mom is so supportive and willing to help me move!

Initially, we were planning on using PODS to move my belongings, while my mom, brother, and I flew to New Jersey. On the surface, it seemed like a great idea! It appeared that I would have plenty of room to pack my belongings, in addition to some furniture (bookcase, easel, desk) and a couple bikes. However, after researching the cost, it would have been too expensive. A note of interest: the PODS website doesn't indicate cost AT ALL. After entering in your moving information, you're given a number then told to call for your quote. Its a frustrating system, especially because it feels like you're entering such a formula of information. I feel like after entering your information, they should be able to at least give a price range. After which, you'd still be able to call and get your specific quote. Anyways, it would have cost $2500 to use PODS, on top of which we would have to rent a car in New Jersey to move all of my belongings.

So, we've decided to drive from Minnesota to New Jersey. We plan to leave on January 5th, spend a night in Indiana, then another night in Pennsylvania, then arrive on January 8th. We are renting a Town & Country van and packing it up. While this does limit what I will be able to bring, I do believe it will work out. I will have to buy a bookcase and a desk after I arrive. Hopefully we will still be able to fit my easel and the bikes. I'll have to bring fewer things, but my mom has offered to send me things that I need after she comes back home.

I'm so relieved to have figured out this part of the process! Now that this has been figured out, its made packing much easier since I have a better idea of how many items I'll be able to bring.

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