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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Dreaming of... Fabric

One of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, made a post about a fantastic online fabric store, aptly named Online Fabric Store (seriously, check out their post -- they're hosting a $250 giveaway!). Their timing couldn't be better, I've been day-dreaming about sewing projects to do around the apartment. I put together some mood boards to marinate over. I feel like we already have a lot of structured, geometric shapes throughout our apartment, so I tried to focus on more organic shapes.

I know that I'd like to make a fabric covered headboard. Our bed nestles against our blue curtains and there's lots of blue and green throughout the room. We also have an Irish flag and a few other pops of oranges and reds throughout the room. I picked fabrics for this that emphasizes the warm colors while complimenting the blues and greens. I love the two on the right of this board. I thought the right was my favorite, but now the second to right is singing my song -- good thing, Keith does not like the one on the right. Does anyone else sometimes struggle to meet everyone's aesthetics when decorating?

There's two sewing projects in our living room/main room: small table cloths for our coffee tables and cushions for our chairs. I LOVE the outside prints, but I'm worried that they might compete with each other. I might go with the more subtle red print for the cushions.

What do you guys think? Any sewing projects in your future?

all images via Online Fabric Store, mood boards are self-created

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